Our Philosophy



We are a group of associated persons to work for community development, to quality education and to serve students learning Spanish to foreigners, our goal is to satisfy our customers with fast and effective learning with the money we collect to develop more our Mayan culture through research, academic activities, practice of spirituality and Mayan worldview, which serve to create conditions of peace and harmony for all. Besides generating employment and development opportunities through the projects we develop.


a) Build quality learning focused on developing students' communication skills.

b) Make a participatory education from an intercultural vision.

c) create favorable conditions for rapid and effective learning.

d) To help families, poor children to improve their living standards by improving their health and education pillars for development.

e) Develop projects and programs and Mayan worldview, for the purpose of re-enforce the principles and values ​​Maya to live in peace and harmony.

f) Open spaces for intercultural dialogue permanent for all sectors in order to participate in building their own development.

Our way of seeing and interpreting the Kosmos from Maya thought is the essential foundation of the institution, which believes that learning from a holistic, comprehensive and complementary circular. The skills developed are the result of energy interaction of total communication.
We seek the best connection with Kosmos Energy, in order to create conditions to find harmony and spiritual balance, natural and social through our work and our support for poor communities, projects and programs shaping culture, education and overall health.

Higher goal:

Develop a quality education in a cultural context for students and other stakeholders to achieve meaningful learning.
Specific objectives:
a) Develop communication skills and cultural quality of the students.
b) To exchange experiences and intracultural and intercultural processes through Spanish as a second language.
c) Helping communities to reduce levels of poverty and extreme poverty by participating in education, health and environment with an integrated approach.
d) Develop a comprehensive education, holistic and comprehensive framework of the Mayan culture and intercultural, for all stakeholders.
e) Strengthen the knowledge and cosmocimiento of various actors on the Mayan culture and worldview.
f) To develop productive activities with poor families to improve living standards.

a) Establish a multidisciplinary team of people to improve student learning and extend our support to poor families and communities.
b) continuously strengthen the quality of the services we provide to students and communities and families we support.
c) Expand and strengthen partnerships with other institutions and organizations to achieve better results in projects and programs we develop.
d) To influence the cultural, educational and health of communities in the south of Lake Atitlan.

a) We have 13 years experience as a Spanish school and as an organization 35 years of community work.
b) Have experienced professionals in culture, education and health.
c) Having a direct relationship with the Councils of Community development.
d) We have cultural projects, education and health.
e) We have a cultural commission composed of people from Guatemala, Austria, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland.
f) We have annual and specific plans for the development of Mayan culture and worldview.