Our Methodology

Active methodology is applied at all levels:

Starts talking to the student based on a guide to identify their level of proficiency in spoken Spanish as a second language.
There is an instrument to detect the writing proficiency of Spanish as a second language.
It is designed together a weekly plan on learning that the student needs.
It works with many activities using audiovisual materials
Reapplied the same instrument applied at the beginning of the week to assess progress and results of the student to complete the first week. If you study several weeks will continue the process.
The entire process is performed in a total immersion with constant support and advisory teacher.
The school has a number of materials for Allocating tasks to perform at home to continue learning


When you want to start studying at MAYAB should undergo a diagnostic evaluation to start a Spanish course, which we indicate its position in the Spanish management of this process will be evaluated by consultants who can advise MAYAB methods, issues and directions for improvement so that their learning is correct. When you complete the course taken by the student MAYAB apply an instrument to assess the results and progress that the student has had to make their Spanish more fluently.

At the end of one of the modules MAYAB school program will give you a certificate of the level achieved for having approved the assessments within the levels MAYAB offers are:

MAYA A1 (Initial): As a gateway course to the language.

MAYA A2 (Medium Low): For students initiated or a language close to Spanish.

MAYA B1 (Middle East): For those with basic resources to function in everyday life.

MAYA B2 (Medium High): For students who can understand and speak with acceptable correction and have a basic handling of media, and are capable of producing simple and coherent set of themes which are familiar and describe and justify experiences opinions and plans.

MAYA C1 (Advanced): For those who manage the different syntactic structures of Spanish, are expressed on grammatical accuracy, logic and structural orally and in writing, and have a good level of oral and written comprehension in general subjects.

MAYA C2 (Superior): For students who speak the mechanisms of oral expression and written n smooth understand oral and written statements of a general nature and have sufficient capacity to defend itself in formal languages ​​and understanding implicit messages.

MAYA D1 (Proprietary): For some students of Spanish the need to develop in certain sectors such as medical, legal, educational, engineering, economics, culture, Guatemala, Maya culture this is the right place to learn.