Mayan Culture


The Mayan culture developed in Mesoamerica (southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras), reaching an astonishing level of development in the field of science, philosophy, spirituality, astronomy, physics, mathematics, medicine, architecture and other fields. With global warming and climate change, theories about the end of the Mayan 26,000 year cycle that ends on December 21 of 2.012, being taken very seriously by the scientific community and all governments of the world. These theories are supported by the Mayan Calendar: Cholq'ij, Cholab 'Nakht and the Long Count.
The Mayan Kosmovisión, contains insightful information about the universe, the core energy, energy connection, Cell kosmic, the interpretation of the forms of life, principles and values, cosmocentric theory, the energy efficiency, the levels of collective consciousness other basic information for understanding the relationship the whole and its parts. This is the lifeblood of our institution and school.

The legacy of the schedule contains the predictions of large changes in 2.012.: Energy, climate, scientific, technological, philosophical, spiritual, political and others that may be developed in specific courses or additional information from the Spanish course.

We are in San Pedro la Laguna, a Mayan home community is located south of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Founded in the late Preclassic period, 400 BC Tz'ununá the name of San Pedro and named by the Spanish, then as San Pedro la Laguna. It is one of the few places in Guatemala and the world that has a Mayan calendar. The details of this information can be found in MAYAB '.
San Pedro la Laguna Maya keeps their culture alive, they live with every day as part of the traditions, customs, legends, forms of power, ritual and ceremonial cycles. This town is a lot of information about Mayan culture and kosmovisión. It also has a section where you can experience intercultural.

MAYAB 'is the name of our school because it feeds on its philosophical vision, spiritual, scientific and cultural.
It's where people of different nationalities come together to discuss important issues of the Mayan culture. Has a Commission composed of Intercultural spiritual leaders, researchers, educators and other specialists, which aims to share knowledge and cosmocimiento to find harmony and balance collectively. Account books and ancient Mayan documents and a place for ceremonies and rituals Maya.

In addition to Spanish, we offer: Maya-tz'utujil Language, Culture and Kosmovisión Maya Maya Spirituality, Education, Maya, Maya Axiology, Epistemology Maya, Maya and other tissue.

Message from Toj Pwaq for the day Toj

Dear brothers and sisters of Mother Earth:

During the last Oxlajuj Baqtun cycle, the long count of 5,125 years, we have designed and practiced a mental colonization of humanity that disconnected us from the umbilical cord of the central energy of the Heart of the Cosmos.
Our sadness, our pain and our serious problems are the result of the separation with our celestial roots; we have left the total harmony to experience our human projects in a limited material world.

With the advent of the new sun, the time has come to remember our true origins, it is time to recognize that we are a small part of the cosmic balance, it is time to find back the rhythm of the collective Heart.
Our Mayan ancestors remind us that it is through the love we have to the ALL that gives the love of each of its small parts.

Thank you.